KAHR PM9 Two Slot Pancake (TSP)
KAHR PM9 Two Slot Pancake (TSP)
KAHR PM9 Two Slot Pancake (TSP)
KAHR PM9 Two Slot Pancake (TSP)

KAHR PM9 OWB Custom Leather Pancake Holster

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*Premium grade American steer hide leather tanned in the USA
*Partial double stitching adds strength and durability
*Skilled hand molding custom fits the holster for optimal retention
*A forward cant allows for a more natural draw
*Good for open or concealed carry
*Fits belts up to 1 3/4" width
*Available in left or right hand carry; black or brown
*Fits the Kahr PM9

Ships with a free bottle of Quick 'n Slick holster lubricant!!!


This style holster is often referred to as a “pancake” holster. Two slots on either side allow the holster to be pulled tight to the body and the flat, back side of the holster conforms to the curve of the hip. Holster is built from premium leather with partial double stitching for added strength and durability.  This classic design is fit for open or concealed carry and provides superior retention. New holsters will have a snug, tight fit and will only loosen slightly with use. Belts loops fit dual layer belts up to 1 & 3/4 inches in width. .